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What We Offer

Odoo is a leading suite of business applications and one of the fastest growing software vendors in the world. Founded in 2005, Odoo is one of the most installed cloud business applications with over 5 million users and 2,000+ installations/cloud databases created each day. It is scalable, full-featured, fully integrated and intuitive!

Odoo help companies evolve faster and tackle new challenges. Our software is available in 2 editions: Odoo Enterprise (licensed) and Odoo Community (open- source).

We provide services such as support, development and configuration.

Scale Your Needs With Any App


Fully Integrated

We are offering an user-friendly tool that is covering most of the companies’ business needs


Our system and services cater to businesses that are new to ERP and don’t have an IT team to manage database systems


Odoo helps businesses prioritize revenue-generating tasks over administrative tasks, allowing incremental growth


Most companies fall victim to the deployment
of multiple ERPs. They soon discover data redundancy and access to information being more complicated than before. Other than having a stressful number of software implementations and staff training, hopping from one app to another between daily operations takes a great toll on time, costs, and efficiency.